The Farm at San Benito


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Why the Farm at San Benito?

‘Holistic Sanctuary’ doesn’t do The Farm at San Benito justice, instead think ‘Are you kidding me? Places like this actually exist?!’

You know how vital it is to achieve balance but how many of your 2018 yoga, detox and ‘me time’ resolutions have already been swamped by the demands of this fast-paced life?

Don’t wait until your body and mind are screaming for some spiritual and nutritional TLC, press pause and remind yourself of the difference between existing and living.

What you need is a hearty dose of mud, wildlife, wide open spaces and plenty of work, as any good farm offers. Sounds like boot camp? Actually, we’re talking deep cleansing mineral clay, exotic birds in swaying palms, Edenic organic vegetable gardens and a schedule driven by Holistic Bliss.

Act now, tomorrow is always a day away.

The creators of The Farm at San Benito focus on one thing: your wellbeing.

Their sole mission is to create an environment where you can reconnect with your inner self by removing the blockages that build up as you work, worry, rush, lose balance and ultimately grind through life.

You might ask, how exactly do you unblock and reconnect? Being in a ridiculously luxurious resort in the Philippines that most people will never even see for a start! The Farm at San Benito specialise in combining natural therapy and scientific knowledge and their programmes have put them at the forefront of the world’s wellness retreats. In other words, they've got more than just your back! 

In short :

  • Return to nature and reconnect with your natural flow in the exotic Philippines.
  • Experience enlightening natural treatments that are also scientifically proven.
  • Remind yourself of what really matters in life. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager