Why attend The Future of Wellbeing with Deepak Chopra?

The reason you need to attend The Future of Wellbeing with Deepak Chopra is because the world has officially gone crazy. A treasonous, orange used-car salesman is President, Europe is disintegrating before our very eyes and McDonalds are delivering individual Chicken McNuggets to The Oval Office by drone.

Okay, we made the last one up but all this goes to show how fast and how exhausting life has become. How do we stay fit, healthy and sane when being attacked by Flying McNuggets™ and fake news? Well, we need to find inner balance - at work, at home, and everywhere in between. But how?

Enter spiritual guru, integrative medicine expert, New York Times bestselling author and friend to the stars; Deepak Chopra and his three-continent tour.

Transform the Way You Find Balance

Deepak is embarking on a tour of America, Czechia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, the UK and Brazil to teach us how we to treat our minds, bodies and souls with more love and care.

Sharing new insights from his latest work The Healing Self, he will teach you how to sleep more soundly and explore some of the most important and baffling questions facing us now. Like when did the Czech Republic change its name to Czechia?

Deepak’s talks will provide insight into a new approach to well-being based on the latest fascinating findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine. By following his example, you can learn how to improve your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health with groundbreaking and ancient techniques. Sound like a plan? Click the link to find Deepak’s events near you!

In Short:

  • Escape all this craziness by learning to slow down!
  • Learn insight to help your own physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Squeegee your 3rd eye at The Future of Wellbeing with Deepak Chopra
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