The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Ouali





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Love a bit of mystery and intrigue?

Wear a mask, and you could be anyone. A superhero. A supervillain. A baroque-era aristocrat at a royal palace party. 

Anonymity breeds mystery and intrigue, and if you couple that with dreamlike opulence, you know you’re in for the night of your life!

Why The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Ouali?

World famous choreographer Kamel Ouali presents the 2016 edition of the Grand Masked Ball, inspired by the fairytale theme of Beauty and the Beast. It’s not all Disney dancing teacups, though: this ball draws on the surreal mystique of Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film version. 

So where might such a dramatic event take place, we hear you ask? Because it couldn’t be just anywhere. How about, oh I don’t know, the Palace of Versailles…? That’s right, you can party the night away at the lavishly decorated and impressive palace Orangerie and gardens. 

All guests must dress in Baroque costume complete with mask, so as to not ruin the incredible magical effect of the evening. Get creative and go all out: it’s all part of the fun!

So come along with mask on and eyes wide shut for an evening you won’t forget. 

In Short:

  • Masked ball organised by famous choreographer Kamel Ouali 
  • Incredible setting of the Palace of Versailles
  • Chance to dress in Baroque costume
  • Mystery and excitement
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager