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Want VIP Access To The Late Show With Stephen Colbert?

American chat-shows have undergone a massive change in the last year or three - the safe hands of stalwarts David Letterman and Jay Leno and even Jon Stewart have been replaced by younger, hipper and more politically-edgy hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, James Corden and Stephen Colbert. 

The Chatshow Kings are dead. Long live The Chatshow Kings!

If you’re American, you’ll watch these names satirise the world of politics and interview the stars of stage, film, screen and music at least once a week so you’ll know that the audience waits forever and snakes around the block just for the chance to get free tickets…

Tickets Are Like Gold Dust!

Life of Riley is delighted to grant you and your friends the chance to skip the line and go straight to your VIP Reserved Seats at the hottest late night show on TV! 

Your exclusive, VIP access to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show is filmed every evening at the world-famous Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway, in New York City before CBS beams the shows into millions of homes throughout The States and the world every weekday night. 

Yeah, you can line up with every other backpack-sporting Colbert fan who’s walked from Idaho, or you can splash a bit of cash and avoid New Yorkers shouting “Hey Shorty!” at you while you wait in the freezing cold of winter or unimaginably sweltering NYC summer. 

I know what I would do! Click the link to skip the line! 

In Short:

  • VIP Reserved seats to the show
  • Skip the line... and screaming tourists!
  • See backstage, rehearsals and live filming
  • Go wild in the audience!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager