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What Is Podium Lounge?

To answer that question, let’s break it down. Podium: a stage on which rock-star musicians, rappers, dancers and DJs rain killer music and electromagnetic vibes down upon a huge, pulsing crowd of revellers. Lounge: a decadent venue with both thumping dance floors and luxurious booths at which to sit and sip on chilled Dom Pérignon while the craziness unfurls around you.

Getting a picture yet of what it’s all about? OK good.

Now you’ve already guessed that this is not just any run-of-the-mill nightclub bash (only the best at Life of Riley, after all). That’s because it’s the A-list, track-side afterparty at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Fast Cars... Hard Parties!

Podium Lounge just blew the roof off in Singapore last month. Guests are still walking on clouds, in an elated post-party daze, plucking pieces of confetti from their dishevelled hair (so we’ve heard). Now it’s Abu Dhabi’s turn.

So if partying with F1 drivers, royalty, celebrities, socialites and supermodels sounds like something you might fancy (is that really a question?), you'll want to shift gears and go full speed towards nabbing your ticket now.

In Short:

  • The biggest, best and most famous A-List Formula 1 after-party in Abu Dhabi
  • Dance to world-class DJs in a glittering venue
  • Rub shoulders with royals, race-car drivers, celebrities and supermodels
  • Be revelling in glorious memories of champagne, pumping dance-floors, glamour and beautiful people for months to come
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager