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Why Get Pampered At The Residence Tunis?

Set against the golden sands of The Bay of Tunis, Carthage was probably where middle-class Roman centurions and senators popped across the Med to rejuvenate after hard-fought battles. (Juve incidentally, means “youthful” in Latin, after the Roman Goddess Juventus)

Today, Tunisia’s finest health retreat is The Residence, famed for its excellent Thalasso Spa and weight-loss programme designed by celebrated French dietician Dr Pierre Dukan.

Treatments tackle everything from ageing to cellulite alongside anti-stress, detox and Thalassotherapy (from the Greek word Thalassa, meaning ""sea"") which is the use of seawater as a form of therapy, so lucky for you the retreat has a stunning, cupola covered seawater pool!

What Makes The Residence So Heavenly?

Everything in this palatial haven - the tall archways, circular pools and high ceilings invoke Carthage’s ancient Roman baths which, don’t forget lie just a short walk away... cos seeing this city’s beautiful archaeological sites are a must, between spa treatments!

Suites and rooms are luxurious and decorated in a modern Moorish style. Speaking of Moorish, I haven’t even mentioned the yummy (yet healthy) Tunisian cuisine which you can enjoy in one of The Residence’s six restaurants…

This unique getaway is sure to bring out your inner God or Goddess, just don’t fill up on Mlaoui - the traditional Tunisian breads!

In Short:

  • Tunisia’s finest health retreat is set in a breathtaking, palatial building 
  • Thalassotherapy - healing seawater therapy
  • Stay next to the golden sands of The Bay of Tunis
  • Luxurious suites and rooms and a choice of six restaurants
  • Incredible historical Roman and Moorish architecture 
  • Option to challenge yourself at one of the finest golf courses in Tunisia.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager