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Why The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille?

Ever dreamed about living amongst the African wilderness, where zebras roam beneath gnarled acacia trees and the mad laugh of the spotted hyena crackles through the silence?

Sure you have, but it’s just a dream, right?? Because how would you experience the wilderness and be safe and comfortable at the same time?

It’s a good thing we’re here because we have your answer: The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille.

What's Special About The Sanctuary At Ol Lentille?

This 24,000-acre private conservancy near Mt Kenya has everything you’d dreamed about, from the grassy hills and stately trees to the incredible African wildlife. The accommodation is luxurious yet intimate: a set of beautifully decked-out houses each fully serviced with butler, valet, guide, safari vehicle, chef-made meals and more.

Spend your days alternating between luxury spa treatments and wildlife-spotting game drives; between relaxing dips in the infinity pool and adventure activities like camel riding, trout fishing, kayaking and helicopter trips.

It’s basically the ideal balance of wilderness and luxury. Which is perfect, because as much as you’re keen to see all those beautifully sharp-clawed wildcats, you’d prefer them to be on the other side of a wall come nightfall. Well, sleep soundly my friend: the Sanctuary really is a dream come true.

In Short:

  • Experience the African wilderness with safety and comfort
  • Extraordinary landscapes and incredible wildlife
  • Luxurious accommodation
  • Adventure activities 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager