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10 Years Younger With Swiss Alps Relaxation Therapy. 

“A holiday is as good as a change” says the old idiom, but what if we offered you a three-day break that could make you look and feel ten years younger?

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a retreat for those who are desperately in need of some intense relaxation. In other words, anyone who has a job… but this isn’t your average trip to Champney’s.

You see, the Therapeutic Relaxation Programme brings about deep change by stimulating a physiological relaxation response within your body as treatments penetrate your nervous systems.

Package Highlights Include…

Yoga, Essential facial, Sequoia ceremony, Andullation therapy, Thalgo Aromacéane treatment, Sound waves meditation and Paraffin treatment for hands and feet.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is set amongst Switzerland’s stunning mountains and needs to be seen to be believed. Your Aqua gym/floating session, for instance, takes place in a marble-columned indoor pool. The Cuisine Équilibrée meals look fit for royalty and… well, why not click the link to check out the video...

We rarely have to include disclaimers but if your partner doesn’t recognise you when you return home, that’s not our fault!

In Short:

  • Have a stressful job? Then this is the retreat for you!
  • Look 10 years younger in three short days
  • Nestle yourself in the Swiss Alps
  • Stay at the luxurious Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager