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The Tony Awards: something to make a song and dance about.

It’s 1947. The very first Tony Awards ceremony is taking place. If you want to attend, all you have to do is shell out… seven dollars.

Seven dollars, people! That’s how insignificant the awards were back then. And as for the winners, they didn’t go home with an illustrious trophy to display on their mantlepiece for life. No siree! Men got a money clip or cigarette lighter, and women were given a silver compact case. Because… the forties.

Well, times have changed. These days the Tony’s are a dazzling affair. Tickets are more popular than Hugh Jackman at a ladies’ lunch. If you manage to score one (we can help you with that) you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

What’s special about the Tony Awards?

What do Liza Minnelli and the Tony Awards have in common, aside from being glamorous and bursting with song? They both turn 72 this year. But unlike Minnelli, the Awards show no signs of slowing down. Every year, they just get better.

We suggest you nab yourself a VIP pass to the awards if you enjoy any of the following:

  1. Vibrant hosts who keep you in stitches with laughter from all their witty jokes;
  2. Seeing your favourite Broadway shows, big and small, honoured for their achievements;
  3. Incredible live music and dance performances;
  4. Being in a huge room full of big name celebrities in glamorous outfits.

And if you say you don’t like any of those things, well… we know you’re lying or you wouldn’t be here right now.

So how about you get yourself those tickets before they disappear?

In Short:

  • A dazzling affair honouring the best of Broadway
  • Entertaining hosts who'll keep you in stitches
  • Mind-blowing live performances
  • The chance to brush shoulders with the hottest stars of the stage and screen
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager