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Why travel these great rail journeys?

Everyone who travels has a train story, so why not make yours an epic one? From backpackers the world over to the imaginations of writers, filmmakers and photographers, there is something impossibly romantic about rail travel.
Maybe don’t mention this to the chap stuck on his 6am commute, he might feel differently about the whole thing!

Great Rail Journeys cordially invite you to join them on a quest that promises a lifetime of boasting rights: a staggering 23,000 mile circumnavigation of the globe over 51 days.

A luxury rail odyssey.

Great Rail Journeys have painstakingly built a tour that combines ultimate locomotive comfort and style with the kind of sightseeing from which novels are born.

You will set out from New York and plough your way to San Francisco via Chicago and the Grand Canyon. Across the Pacific, from Shanghai to Beijing and the Great Wall, you will see as Marco Polo did, China’s rich legacies unfold.

From the boundless Mongolian alps you will board the iconic Tsar's Gold Train and marvel at Russia’s opulence.

The concluding leg passes through central Europe on the luxurious Simplon-Orient-Express. It’s safe to say you will return to London a truly refined traveller, with a touch of the Agatha Christie and Paul Theroux about you.

In short:

  • Circumnavigate the whole world, on the best trains known to man.
  • A passionately curated tour by dedicated experts.
  • Tick off half your bucket list in one adventure!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager