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Why Trek The Banaue Rice Terraces In The Philippines?

In a world dominated by google and touch-of-a-button information, a world bereft of wonder and the Easter Bunny, it is reassuring to know that there are still some places where mystery and intrigue reign supreme.

Nestled in the Philippines’ mountainous north, the ancient Rice Terraces at Banaue is one of the undoubted marvels of the ancient world. Built by the indigenous Ifugao people, these imposing agricultural structures have a history dating back over 2000 years but yet continue to perplex historians and anthropologists to this day.

And now, you too can trek the Banaue Rice Terraces to get up close and personal with this bona fide example of the ancient world’s capacity to both confuse and captivate.

An Exotic Aand Unspoiled Tribal Territory.

Beginning your trek at the Banaue, you will make your way through the dramatic Pilipino landscape, a lush green canopy that affords quite spectacular views of the Rice Terraces and surrounding countryside. During your trek you will visit four separate Ifugao villages, stopping briefly to take photos, sample the local cuisine and perhaps even exchange Snapchat details with the ever-smiling natives.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to play out all your favourite Indiana Jones fantasies? Just click the link to begin your journey back into this quite astonishing past.

In Short:

  • Immerse yourself in the land and culture of the Ifugao.
  • Trek through villages, spectacular rice terraces, mountains and waterfalls.
  • You literally cannot imagine this kind of green until you see it!
  • Gain a whole new appreciation for where your humble bowl of rice comes from!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager