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Experience A World You've Never Imagined With Tribe Ethiopia

If the closest you get to crocs is the kind you wear on your feet, this African adventure will change your idea of holidays quick snap!

Imagine being dropped in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s bright and bustling capital. Imagine the sights - the multicoloured rugs and tapestries in the marketplace. Envisage the smiling faces. Breathe in the smells - spices and freshly roasted coffee as your bilingual guide escorts you from your Boutique B&B to the city’s best cultural hotspots, restaurants and coffee shops.

Where's Next After Addis Ababa?

Dream of the Omo Valley and beautiful Mgao National Park, home of the lip-stretching Mursi People. Imagine herding cattle with the Dassanech tribe and taking part in a bull jumping ceremony. You can even add on a trip to a local Dorze family who’ll show you their Beehive-shaped houses, though you, yourself will be staying in Eco-lodges like Buska Lodge overlooking the plains of Buska Mountain. 

Lastly, imagine crossing crocodile-infested Lake Chamo by boat to visit the crocodile market and enjoy a spot of croc and hippo-spotting. Feel the sunset over the ‘Bridge of God’ from your verandah at Paradise Lodge and let the caffeine shock you awake during a traditional coffee ceremony...

So, those are just a few highlights, to read more about this amazing African odyssey, just click the link… and we’ll see ya later, alligators…

In Short:

  • A real African adventure in Ethiopia
  • Visit Mgao National Park, home of the Mursi People
  • Cattle-herding and bull jumping ceremony!
  • Stay in Eco-lodges overlooking the plains of Buska Mountain.
  • Cross croc-infested Lake Chamo and visit a crocodile Market!
  • See and feel sunset on The Bridge of God 
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager