Ultimate 30 Day Spiritual Nutrition Retreat


Nov - May


Virgin Islands (British)

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What is the Ultimate 30 Day Spiritual Nutrition Retreat? 

How do you change the world? It’s a big question but the answer is surprisingly simple: by changing yourself.

Well that’s the first step, anyway. Because you’re the only one you truly have the power to change.

Now we’re not suggesting there’s something wrong with you. We’re not saying that you need to change your haircut, or your dental hygiene habits (though go for it if you think it will help!) Simply that, in a spiritually-starved world, there’s nothing more important than replenishing your soul.


Tune into your Inner Voice on a Virgin Island paradise.

The 30-day Spiritual Nutrition Retreat takes you to an idyllic island paradise: Richard Branson’s privately-owned Necker Island, no less! In these blissful surrounds, you’ll have an experience that goes far beyond the usual relaxation-and-meditation package. This is for those who are serious about their spiritual growth, about achieving a deeper consciousness and spiritual awakening.

How does it happen? With expert guidance in Evolutionary Medicine. With classical yoga, assistance with food choices, bio-resonance and meditation. With advanced therapeutic bodywork and energetic healing sessions. And way, way, more.

Believe us people: this is not the kind of stuff you can glean from sitting cross-legged in front of your Macbook and watching a few YouTube videos. You need tranquility and experienced, highly-trained masters.

Ready to change the world? Then you know what to do as it all starts with you and it starts right here.

In short:

  • 30 days of expert nutritional guidace
  • 30 days of transformational meditation
  • 30 days of mind-body awareness techniques
  • 30 days in paradise, waking up to your true potential; watch out world!



Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager