Uzbekistan: The Golden Road to Samarkland

Aug 2, 2018 To Nov 30, -0001


Why The Golden Road to Samarkand?

Uzbekistan truly is a forgotten world; an insanely beautiful, double-landlocked country between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. There, blue mosque domes and minarets compete with fourth-century Zoroastrian Towers in a race to penetrate the perfect, bluer skies. Where ancient kings lie in mausoleums and imposing sandstone fortresses punctuate the ancient trade route between China and The Mediterranean. 

Middle Eastern and Islamic expert Diana Driscoll invites you on this 12-day adventure to retrace those ancient tradesmen’s steps and experience the most magnificent cities of the ancient Silk Road.

Under her expert guidance, you’ll visit Uzbekistan’s second largest city, Samarkand, built by 14th-century Emperor Tamerlane and climb the steps of the Shah-I-Zinda necropolis… You’ll stay in the medieval city of Bukhara, whose dazzling blue mosaic domes will open your heart to the beauty of Islamic architecture while the jade green city of Khiva will make you fall in love with this little-understood region.

How has Uzbekistan remained off the tourist trail?

We really have no answer for that! given what a marvel the place is, it's pretty astounding, so keep it as our little secret… we don't want everyone under the sun turning up to ruin the place! Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the food yet! 

This trip isn’t for your common all garden holiday-makers - no; it’s an eye-opening, soul-enriching experience for adventurers with real curiosity about the world. Uzbekistan is so rich in beauty, history and culture that these words only skim the surface, but you can click the link for a full twelve-day itinerary and photos…

In short:

  • Stunning 12-day adventure on the ancient Silk Route
  • Reliable, expert guide in Diana Driscoll
  • Ancient sites you won't believe are possible
    Perfect introduction to Islamic culture
  • Virtually hidden from tourists as selfie-sticks are banned (probably) 
Author & Events Manager
Author & Events Manager