Venice Carnival and Masquerade Ball


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Why the Venice Carnival and Masquerade Ball?

Surely there’s no better place to fall in love than Venice - The Opera, the canals, the singing gondoliers.

Arriving in Venice is like stepping into a vibrant dream where everything is familiar yet surreal. The city has been memorialised in film and adverts so often that it's seared into our minds as we come to expect the charming sunken homes, candy-striped poles and stripey-shirted wearing men punting gondolas down narrow canals.

Well, how about if we transported you back two hundred years to a time before seagulls dive-bombed your gondola to steal your Cornetto?

In 1817, while Jane Austen was writing about the etiquette of love, Italian noblemen spent their nights drinking and partying at Masquerade Balls before shooting each other or dying of syphilis. And now you can do the same. The dancing bit we mean, not the… 

The Magic Of The Venice Carnival.

Each year, Venice becomes a bit more magical with the arrival of Carnival and the Masquerade Ball where guests wear classic, Venetian masks and revel in the centuries-old tradition of this annual festival.

While anyone with a plane ticket and decorative mask can show up for Carnival, not everyone can enjoy a lavish evening at the Masquerade Ball and step back in time to the Italian Renaissance. Taking place in a Venetian palace overlooking the Grand Canal, you’ll enjoy artistic displays, fantasy characters, Italian cuisine and an evening fit for royalty. 

Drink cocktails or gorge on sumptuous food if you wish. Twirl pretty young things around the dance floor or slink away for Les Liaisons dangereuses - the world’s your oyster because behind a mask, you can get away with murder!

In Short:

  • The magic and romance of Venice
  • Revel the night away at the iconic Venetian carnival
  • A fantasy-themed evening of costumes and ancient traditions
  • Access to the special Masquerade Ball in a Venetian palace
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager