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Vic Falls Carnival Is Calling.

All aboard the party train… it’s time for the annual Vic Falls Carnival! And no, that wasn’t just a lame metaphor, there literally is a party train.

And so begins this awesome New Years celebration in Zimbabwe, against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls — with 1,500 people packed into a pumping, thumping train on the fast track to party town (ok that one was uncalled for.)

Why Vic Falls Carnival?

Southern Africa's biggest artists come together to form a line-up you won’t forget. And when you’re not busy grooving to their impossibly cool beats, Vic Falls is the perfect place to get into some adventurous activities. If you dare.

Bungee jumping, helicopter rides and white water rafting are just some of the things you can do to raise the adrenaline levels off the charts. If you had a bit of a tame year, you can certainly make up for it now.

If throwing yourself off cliffs isn’t your idea of fun don’t worry: the falls, and the festival, offer plenty of calmer activities too.

So what better way to usher in a new year than by spending three thrilling days (or three blissful days, you choose) at one of Africa’s biggest and best New Year’s Eve celebrations? You don’t have to answer that. Simply book your ticket now.

In Short:

  • A literal party train
  • A line-up of Southern Africa's best artists
  • Victoria Falls gushing in the background
  • Adventure activities for the wild-at-heart
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager