Vienna Opera Ball 2019





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Elegance is... The Vienna Opera Ball.

There are only so many times you can endure going to the club and having Pitbull blasted so hard in your ear that your only option is to get totally crunk or cry in a corner.

And when you need a change from overcirculated club anthems that just won't die, there's a solid course of action to follow that involves exactly zero Bacardi Breezers or teenagers twerking to Iggy Azalea remixes: and that is to go cleanse your eyes and ears at the highly elegant and cultured Vienna Opera Ball.

What happens at The Vienna Opera Ball?

150 young couples will make their societal debut. They'll waltz into a jaw-dropping grand ballroom in a sea of snow-white evening gowns and black tailcoats while you watch on.

To the strains of heart-rendingly beautiful live music, you’ll dance under the huge elaborate ceiling of the Vienna Opera House, dine on gourmet food and champagne, and be part of an event that’s watched by a TV audience of over 1.4 million people!

Yes, it’s that big a deal!

In Short:

  • Skip the regular nights out for a truly elegant and spectacular affair
  • Experience the grandness of the Vienna Opera House, converted into a giant ballroom
  • Watch as 150 young debutante couples dance in a sea of black and white
  • Waltz the night away, dine, drink and hear incredible live music
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager