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Why Visit Nigeria?

The first thing that hits you when you touch down in Lagos is the unmistakable and infectious sound of Afrobeat- the rhythm of Nigeria.

There’s energy like no other in this buzzing mega-city and it will plant a permanent look of wonder on your face and loosen those hips as you journey through this intriguing and complex land.

This African adventure is not without it’s challenges but to truly understand West Africa, you must get to know the Nigeria.

Nigeria Past And Present.

You will meet the proud and diverse Yoruba people, one of the largest ethnic groups south of the Sahara Desert and then head north where powerful kingdoms flourished long before Europeans stepped foot in Africa.

In the dense forest of the UNESCO-recognised Osun Sacred Grove you will discover shrines, sculptures and artworks in honour of mysterious ancient deities.

Meet the Kamberi people, one of Nigeria’s most traditional groups whose dances are powerfully symbolic of their animist customs.

Learn about Nigeria’s Afro-Brazilian heritage and marvel at the stunning Idanre Hills, where the Idanre people have lived amongst it’s boulders and valleys for over a millennium.

In Short:

  • Expert guides take you to the heart of this colourful and complex country.
  • Move to the rhythm of Afro-beat, the Nigeria sound.
  • Meet ancient tribes whose customs still prevail.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager