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Volunteer with Elephants. Yes, REAL Elephants.

Pack up your troubles in your ol’ kit bag and spend some time as a volunteer with elephants.

Ok... It’s probably not as catchy a tune as the original song, but we're talking (or is that singing?) about an experience that will have a profound effect on your life, especially if you're feeling a little bit stuck in a rut.

You could say we're making a trunk call. Because there are elephants in Thailand that need your hands-on help.

Let's explain:- Elephants have got large appetites. Really large. The males, for instance, can eat upwards of 300kg of food every day! That's more than my teenage son! And the domesticated ones who are looked after by the villagers in the areas known as the ‘Elephant Province’ really struggle to keep up with the maintenance needs of these majestic pachyderms. 

They Might Be Giants, but they're part of the family

Yeah, we're sure you are asking yourself the obvious question. Why not just get a dog? Or a rabbit? Why choose something that weighs more than an actual house? And then there’s the er.... other end of the meal equation to deal with...

These villagers are offering a life of love and care for animals that have been part of their community for generations. Domesticated elephants have previously been used as living tanks in warfare, or as heavy farm machinery, particularly in the logging industry. But now this 'employment' no longer exists, and due to the aforementioned costs, very often these poor creatures have to be abandoned or sold off, ending up in the much more demeaning roles of performing for tourists or worse yet - having to ‘work’ in mismanaged circuses.

But you can help prevent this, and have a life-changing experience to boot. Under the guidance of an award-winning organisation, you’ll get to work first hand with these beautiful animals. Your presence as a volunteer brings in much-needed income to assist these big-hearted villagers.

What better way to experience travel in the lush beauty of Asia, where everything else becomes irrelephant!

In Short:

  • Experience traditional Thai living
  • Hands-on experience with the elephants
  • A trunk full of remarkable memories
Gareth Pretorius
Gareth Pretorius Author & Events Manager