Wanderlust Festival


Feb - Mar


United States of America

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Why visit Wanderlust Festival?

If you thought that red carpets, fast cars and rubbing shoulders with the stars were what makes Life of Riley tick, well… you’d be half right! But there’s also another side to us and Wanderlust’s mission statement; “Find your true north” encapsulates our free-spiritedness down to a tee.

Wanderlust’s four-day festival in Hawaii comes with a surf’s up, yoga mats down attitude so if you don’t the find enlightenment through yoga, music, dancing and meditation, you’ll surely find another kind of bliss on a surfboard or stand up paddleboard!

O’ahu has become the mecca for yogis and from the moment you arrive at Turtle Bay’s breathtaking coves, you’ll understand why. The energy of the local people, the pulsating waves and the verdant landscape all collaborate to elevate your consciousness… and that’s all before you unfurl your yoga mat!

What can I expect when Namaste meets Aloha?

After an early-morning surf, swim or walk along the beach, it’s time to choose from hundreds of activities, classes and exhibitions to help light your path of exploration and self-discovery.

You can practice ancient yoga techniques with beloved teachers then exercise your brain at the Wanderlust Speakeasy lectures from world-renowned gurus. In the afternoons, you can get down to DJ-powered yoga classes and acoustic musical mountaintop meditations, explore the island by bike before dining on some well-deserved, delicious organic food at the family sea-to-table dinner.

And as the trade winds usher in those sultry Hawaiian nights, it’s time to get your groove on as the main stage lights up with unforgettable electric performances from Xavier Rudd, DJ Drez and Dread Ashanti. In other words, Wanderlust has everything you need to feed your body, excite your mind and nourish your soul.

In Short:

  • Namaste meets Aloha at the new mecca for yogis
  • Attend enlightening classes, lectures and exercise
  • Yogis, guru, speakers, healers, live performers and DJ’s
  • Wanderlust will set you free!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager