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Why Wasteland Weekend? 

Wasteland Weekend in the Californian desert is the gnarliest post-apocalyptic festival in the world, drawing steampunks, metal freaks, monster truck motorheads and anyone wanting a taste of what things will be like after the Four Horsemen have passed through town. 

Grittier and more metal than Burning Man, like a deleted scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, Wasteland Weekend is not a place for frolickers in hundred-dollar gumboots looking for cocktails on a grassy knoll at sundown. Newsflash: the sun has gone down forever, man, this is post-apocalypse and you’d be wise to get yourself a tribe for the weekend if you don’t want to end up a sacrificial Wasteland newbie.

Only kidding, capitalism is still going ok and cannibalism is just a rumour. But seriously, start yourself a tribe, it’s a Wasteland tradition and the best way to meet people. If you’re stuck for tribe themes, the Wasteland website suggests ‘former butchers’ as a possible starting point. Told you it was gnarly. 

Wastelanders Unite.

‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ as they say and Wasteland Weekend is a prime example that you needn’t be alone if your preferences are for desert duelling hot rods and hydraulic rave outfits that look like they could withstand an airstrike. 

Wasteland is cinematic in its absolute commitment to its theme. More than once you’re likely to ask yourself “is this for real?” as gangs, factions and tribes- the sole survivors inhabiting this post-apocalyptic Hotel California- trade, drink, mosh and form alliances far, far from the confines of everyday society. 

In Short: 

  • Wasteland Weekend post-apocalyptic desert festival in California, USA. 
  • 26th September - 30th September 2018.
  • Fire shows, burlesque, metal, rave and gladiatorial combat. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager