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Why The Weather Festival Paris?

If you’re not down with da kidz, we forgive you for thinking The Weather Festival to be a boring conference for meteorologists featuring lots of Powerpoint slideshows.

Luckily for all y’all, it’s not, it’s a maelstrom of music, a tempest of talent and The El Niño of electronic beats...

This June, Paris turns the futuristic Le Bourget Airport into a dense dust-devil of a dancefloor, featuring more than 70 of Europe’s hottest EDM artists across 5 stages, each decorated to celebrate the colour and theme of the four seasons. Seriously folks, if you’re into your dance music and in Europe, this is the monsoon season of must-see music!

What makes The Weather Festival feel like sunshine?

The event kicks off with an incredibly unique performance - Derrick May accompanied by a symphonic formation of 40 musicians but over the next two days, it’s back to our more beloved beatmasters as Richie Hawtin, Anetha, Egyptian Lover and Hold Youth, DJ Nobu, Black Madonna and many more are certain to whip the crowd into a storm. 

The Weather Festival is billed as an open-air marathon of house and techno, but we know the Parisiens are great at catering so every electronic taste will be catered for - from low-fi minimalism to the heavy-hitting sounds of big beat house. 

Tickets are available for single or all three days, tickets with camping, tickets with hotels, so whatever you want the weather to do this June - we can deliver. If the festival is half as impressive as their website, you’re on to a winner! 

In short:

  • Le Bourget Airport, Paris transforms into a long-weekend dance music festival 
  • 70 of Europe's hottest Dance Music artists and DJs
  • 5 stages cater for all your wide tastes
  • Incredible opening performance from Derrick May & symphony
  • Camping, accommodation and more available!
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager