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Wedding dreams start at WedLuxe.

There are two types of people when it comes to marriage: those who think the word has a nice ring to it, and those who think it’s not so much a word as a sentence. A life sentence, at that.

If you happen to find the idea engaging, we have the thing for you. It’s called WedLuxe and it’s a truly epic luxury wedding show where you can indulge all your wedding fantasies.

Planning your big day (possibly without the consent of your significant other)? In the weddings business in some capacity (does cake tasting exist as a profession? We hope so.)

Maybe you just really, really like lace.

Whatever your reason, getting to meet over 100 incredible exhibitors are going to be a treat. 

What happens at WedLuxe?

Mingle with some of the world's most elite wedding professionals. We’re talking the best in the business of cake makers, decorators, photographers, florists, and those people who put fancy little wax seals on envelopes.

Sample luxurious gourmet food and beverages while you mentally plan out the wedding menu of your dreams. Take home a gift bag filled with goodies from sponsors and exhibitors.

If you're a romantic at heart, don’t miss it. This event is so inspiring, even the cakes will be in tiers (boom tish).

In short:

  • Over 100 exhibitors including the most elite in the business
  • Mingle with cake designers, decorators, cinematographers, florists and more
  • Sample luxurious food and beverages
  • Take home goodies from sponsors 
  • Plan the wedding of your dreams (with or without your significant other) 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager