Wine and Cooking under the Tuscan Sun





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Why Wine and Cooking under the Tuscan Sun?

Get to know the authentic taste of Tuscany by nestling yourself in its rustic villages and living like the locals.

Set out early from your stone cottage for fresh coffee and warm pastries in the local cafe before selecting bundles of fine cheese, wine and seasonal produce from the farmers market, where you’ll see the same friendly faces from the cafe!

With Culture Discovery you’ll learn about bold Tuscan reds from those who grow and press the grapes; make liqueurs, biscotti and gelato the traditional way and experience true country wood-fired pizzas.

You’ll make signature Italian cheese like pecorino and ricotta and even distill a batch of farmhouse grappa in an ancient cellar. A dusty woollen cap is optional but impassioned arm gestures are obligatory!

Taste The Heritage Of Tuscan Cuisine.

This idyllic region is famous the world over for its Michelin-starred restaurants and unbeatable wines but behind every silver service and opinionated gourmand is a story of tradition and home-cooking.

The heart of Tuscan cuisine comes from the rich soil, the unassuming hole-in-the-wall cafes and market artisans. Most of all it comes from the generations of home cooks and the shared experience of dining together. Welcome to the Famiglia!

In Short:

  • Live, cook and eat like a Tuscan local.
  • Intimate and hands-on cookery experience.
  • Feast on Tuscan food and wine like there’s no tomorrow!  
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager