Woodford Folk Festival


Dec - Jan



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Why Woodford Folk Festival?

As the first notes of a didgeridoo, banjo, sitar or human beatbox carry across the sub-tropical valley, Reality becomes something you used to know but are no longer interested in.

It feels like jumping down a rabbit hole as you are drawn into the world known as ‘Woodfordia’, where for one week each year this sleepy pocket of Queensland erupts into a curious melting pot of sounds, tastes and ideas from around the world.

At Woodford, you will lose yourself in a lifetime supply of new favourite bands, far removed from the generic sounds you used to hear on the radio in the real world.

A Woodland Wonderland For The Open-Minded.

As well as the music, art installations, comedians and circus performers, Woodford Folk Festival is a platform for the discussion of important issues such as environmental awareness, understanding Aboriginal heritage and sustainable agriculture.

There is a unique community spirit that binds all festival goers and nothing is too far out for these left-field free-thinkers, so release your inner activist and get around in head-to-toe hemp or nothing at all. Peace Love and Revolution are the order of the day!

In Short:

  • Escape reality through the sounds you never knew existed.
  • Feel connected to Australia’s indigenous history and culture.
  • Love the arts, respect the planet.
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager