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Why The World Beard and Moustache Championships?

Sponsored by Remington Beard Boss, The World Beard and Moustache Championships is a celebration of mens’ and womens’ beards and moustaches and all things whiskery.

This fur, sorry - year, the three-day fur-stival is coming to the Long Centre for Performing Arts, Austin, Texas so you can join 1,000 hirsute male and female competitors from across the globe and thousands of beard and moustcahio-afficionados for a no (handle)bars held, rootin’-tootin’, Lone Star State ho-down next to Colorado River’s stunning Lady Bird Lake.

So, whether you’re a plaid-shirted, lady lumberjack with a Bandholz Beard, a leather-clad Hell’s Angel with manly Mutton Chops, a pre-pubescent, ironic-bike-riding hipster with a tattoo of a moustache on your finger, everybeardy is welcome! 

Do I need a beard to get in?

Who do you think is the only member of Texas’s finest rock band ZZ Top who doesn’t have a beard? That’s right, it’s Frank Beard. Honestly! Look it up! If Frank Beard had a beard, it would cause a space-time paradox; potentially ending the universe and all beards, everywhere… so no, of course, you don’t need a beard to get in.

Every two years, The World Beard and Moustache Championships showcase the very best in men’s and women’s whiskers and unite beards in a cultural event like no other…

Projected to be the largest competition to date, this year’s event will include dozens of facial hair competitions, authentic Texan soundzz and local food and drink stalls serving Tex-Mex chilli, Breakfast Tacos, Lone Star Beer and Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey to all y’all whisker-lovers!

So if ZZ Top do turn up, and Frank Beard is sporting anything more than a five o’clock shadow, pin him down and shave that stubble off!

In short:

  • Travel to Austin to meet like-bearded brothers and sisters
  • Dozens of beard and moustache competitions for him and hair!
  • The finest Texan food, beer and whiskey for whisker lovers
  • The World Beard and Moustache Championships…
  • Because 8/10 Texas cats prefer whiskers
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