World Business Forum

Nov 14, 2018 To Nov 15, 2018

United States

Why attend the World Business Forum?

Do you want to start the next Google, beat Tesla to colonising space, become a millionaire and then run for President? (Well hey, apparently anyone can do that last one.)

Maybe you just want to grow your business of selling unicorn stickers on Etsy. Whatever. The World Business Forum has so many incredible speakers and so much inspiration to offer that, whatever your business goals, you’re going to get a gold mine out of going.

What’s on at the World Business Forum?

The crazy-impressive list of speakers includes the likes of Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin and Jeff Immelt.

There are CEOs of huge companies, philanthropists, economists, psychologists and people who are just generally pioneers in their field. All there to impart their wisdom to you.

What you do with it, is up to you. Knowledge is power. We’d like to think you’ll use it for good.

In Short:

  • Whatever your business goals, you’ll find a goldmine of useful information
  • Be inspired by incredible speakers
  • A dozen incredible speakers including CEOs, economists and business pioneers
  • Leave enlightened, inspired, informed and better connected
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