World Domination Summit


Jun - Jul


United States of America

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Why the World Domination Summit?

Want to help yourself and help the world? Then you need to get yourself to the World Domination Summit!

Taking place in Hipster capital of the world, Portland, Oregon with its sumptuous food carts and farmers’ markets - the World Domination Summit is an unconventional weekend for unconventional thinkers. In fact, it’s so unconventional that these crazy kids’ “weekend” lasts a whole week!

The idea behind WDS is to bring open-minded, free-spirited adventurers like you and me from all over the world together to create a remarkable community that helps us pursue our dreams and become “world change activators”.

Want to write your first book? Want to travel-hack your way around the world or fancy learning something as simple as just how to live a good life? Do you have a crazy project you want to bring to life? The World Dominations Summit is the right place for you!

How can we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

Since 2011, WDS has brought together more than 10,000 people from more than forty countries. This year, they’re doing it again and all that’s missing is YOU!

With a WDS Foundation “Scholarship for Real Life”, your crazy pipe dream of travelling the world, then sharing what you’ve learnt from Amazonian shamen and Nepalese monks with your community can become a reality!

Last year’s masterclasses covered everything from “How to tell captivating stories”, how to “Craft Your Time to Dominate Your World” and “How to Be Everything”

With a full week of events, thrilling opening and closing parties and an unforgettable keynote speaker-filled weekend, you'll acquire powerful new skills, and go away with an all-new community of friends and supporters.

In short:

  • Travel to beautiful Hipster capital of the world, Portland.
  • Network and share ideas with thousands of free spirits!
  • Learn how to implement and fund your adventurous life
  • World Domination Summit can help your crazy idea into reality!
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager