World Figure Skating Championships





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Figure Skating: Graceful & Impressive.

Remember your first time ice-skating? You thought it would be easy as pie but there you were, legs splaying in all directions like a newborn Bambi, grabbing on for dear life to whatever or whoever you could find. Turns out it’s kinda hard, actually.

So just imagine the skill it would take to fly around the ring in a fully choreographed routine, moving perfectly in time to the music, doing complex jumps and spinning like a top. It sure challenges our definition of “coordinated”, which previously meant being able to carry a coffee cup and a set of car keys in one hand. 

So Just Imagine The World Figure Skating Championships.

Seeing this kind of skill in real life, in a buzzing atmosphere of excitement, is something else again. Watch as the best figure skaters from around the world come together in the beautiful Saitama, Japan to compete for the 2019 world title and for a place at the next Olympic Games.

From high-energy dance routines to performances so graceful and moving they’ll give you goosebumps; from solo routines to couples; the creativity and sheer beauty of these acts has to be seen to be believed.

To understand the true meaning of coordination and grace, snap up your event pass now. 

In Short:

  • Incredibly skilled skaters doing impressive routines
  • Complex jumps and spins on the ice
  • Buzzing atmosphere
  • The beauty of Saitama, Japan. 
Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager