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What Are The World Police and Fire Games?

Apparently, not all cops spend their days on leisurely stake-outs, shirking physical exertion in favour of donuts and coffee. Perhaps Hollywood doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of reality after all! And would you believe that when firefighters aren’t saving lives they do more than pose nude for women’s magazines? 

The World Police and Fire Games debunks all myths surrounding the hobbies and pastimes of law enforcement and firefighters in fiercely competitive Olympic-style games that this year will be held in Chengdu, China. How did it all come to be?

Back in 1967, the now legendary San Diego Police Captain was mighty concerned about the expanding waistline of his offices and the unacceptable pile of noodle boxes and Twinkie wrappers sprawled across the office, so he organised one heck of a P.T session to promote physical fitness and improve camaraderie. And boy did it work…

“Sir put down the Krispy Kreme, this is a protein shake zone…”

Fifty years on, the World Police and Fire Games has become a strong symbol of mental determination, physical prowess and major departmental rivalries! 

The 2019 games will see 10,000 keen athletes go head to head in 60+ sporting disciplines, a great many of which boost competitors abilities when they’re back on the beat: pistol and shotgun shooting, wrestling, mud run, karate and judo and the good old fashioned Starsky & Hutch stair race. No seriously, the stair race is for real!

As well as the day job-related competitions, timeless disciples such as archery, open water swimming, rugby and dragon boat racing are also on the bill. And not forgetting the veterans and less physically inclined, the World Police Fire Games also includes a few bar room classics such as darts, billiards and table tennis- this is no ordinary Olympics!

In Short:

  • 2019 World Police Fire Games hosted in Chengdu, China. 
  • 10,000 athletes from law enforcement and firefighting battle it out in 60+ sporting competitions.
  • Improving professional abilities through sporting competition for 50 years. 
  • Open to all law enforcement and firefighters currently employed and retired.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager