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What’s Life Really About? Find Out At The Yobaba Lounge Wellness Retreat.

No, really! What’s life really about? How much money you make? What car you drive? The watch you wear? Or it is it about achieving true happiness and serenity through connecting with the source?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within, you see… and I ain’t talkin’ bout no Pearly Gates and cherubs plucking harps; I’m talking about the real Heaven.

So, how do we take you there? With an invitation to Yobaba Lounge’s richer, deeper and more mystical connection to yoga and meditation practice - a space where you can embark on an inner spiritual journey without judgement from Judgey McJudgers.

Where Is This Magical Place?

Located in the French Pyrenees, Yobaba Lounge is a place where you can easily cast off your old self. Let your guide, Gertrud Keazor teach you to explore how it feels to decide to be good enough, to no longer strive, to come into stillness and balance. To come into Yoga.

If those words don’t entice you, delicious vegan food and a boho chic retreat described as like “a vast ancient temple"" await, as do periods of silence for self-reflection and “oddly decadent puddings”. When the only thing which isn’t enlightened are the desserts, you’re on to a winner!

Click the link and we’ll see you on the other side, fellow enlightened brothers and sisters.

In Short:

  • Embark on an inner spiritual journey
  • Stunning, hideaway location in the French Pyrenees
  • Boho chic retreat described as like “a vast ancient temple""
  • Oddly decadent puddings!
Tania Braukamper
Tania Braukamper Author & Events Manager