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Retreat To A Hawaiian Island Paradise. 

Here at Life of Riley, we’re no strangers to writing about yoga and meditation escapes around the world. From the rice paddies of exotic Bali to the snowy fields of Sweden; it seems that every country boasts its ability to alleviate stress from its incoming travellers.

Kauai is one such destination where meditation, yoga and spirituality converge for a wholesome, relaxing experience set against an enviable, beautiful backdrop. If you’re not familiar with Kauai, just know that this Hawaiian island is nicknamed “The Garden Isle” because of its tropical foliage and verdant scenery.

What Makes The Kauai Spiritual Adventure Special?

Unlike other meditative trips that will find you sharing a studio with 20 other stressed out travellers seeking relief, in Kauai you’ll enjoy a private retreat. Let me repeat: private retreat. Considering that most of our stresses come from interacting with each other, a private retreat is possibly the only way to truly unwind and let go of whatever ails you. 

For 6 days, you’ll Eat, Pray, Love your way around Kauai with the help of dedicated professionals to lead you on your spiritual path. During your stay, you’ll also enjoy a personal chef (consider us sold) to create healthy meals to clean you from the inside out. All in all, if Kauai doesn’t bring some much-needed zen into your life we don’t know what will. 

In Short:

  • Relaxation and rejuvenation away from the stresses of life
  • Fully private retreat for peace & solitude
  • Beautiful surrounds of Kauai Island
  • A spiritual adventure to soothe your soul


Beth Barrett
Beth Barrett Author & Events Manager