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Why Experience Weightlessness On A Zero Gravity Flight?

We know what life is like; Spiderman’s Uncle Ben summed it up best when he said “With great power comes great responsibility” but here at Life of Riley, we think outside the box, we like mavericks who don’t follow the rules… especially the rules of physics!

So why not defy the laws of physics (sort of) and unburden the weight of the world on your shoulders with an anti-gravity flight at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center?

Picture the scene - you’re 6,000 meters above the Russian clouds, the earth growing smaller. For a brief moment, it seems like you've paused mid-air, but you're rising at a steep 45-degree angle…

That Sounds Cool, But What's So Great About What Happens Next?

Then you feel it; two full G's of force as the thrust is removed and suddenly you’re trying to work out which way is up, your perception changes, your body is spinning, your face is beaming and your heart is laughing as weightlessness takes over.

During your flight, you'll enjoy the experience of being completely weightless TEN times and promises to make you FEEL an out-of-this-world experience that less than 4,000 humans have been lucky enough to experience.

Life of Riley experiences are all amazing, but this one goes further; it’s a privilege to defy our known grasp of Newtonian Laws and free yourself from the shackles of gravity’s earthly bounds. 

In Short:

  • Experience full weightlessness ten times on one flight
  • Feel what it would be like to be in space...
  • and the force of two full G's!
  • Be one of a handful of people to have done this!
  • The boy in the picture lost 15kg and married a Russian Supermodel (probably)
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager