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Why Choose Zombie Survival Games?

Zombies - they’re bleeding everywhere! If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and love, love, love adventure, isn’t it time to see if you (and your loved one) have what it takes to make it through the best zombie survival games in Europe?

Are you a survivor or are you damned to wander the earth with chicken legs for eternity? You’re sure to find out what you’re made of as you run, jump and hide throughout a picturesque, sleepy Spanish village from Dusk til Dawn!

We presume it’s dusk as Spain falls asleep for a few hours every afternoon and Spanish zombies know there’s no-one to chomp on during siesta!

What Makes This Zombie Apocalypse So Dead Good?

By following your unique storyline alongside dozens of trained actors who bring the end of the world to life, you’ll be taking part in Spain’s biggest, best and most adrenaline-fuelled post-apocalyptic event!

You and your partner will be equipped with a map and sent out with your team to complete challenges and kick some zombie ass, and the best part is, If you don’t make it out alive, you’ll be turned into a real-life deadite by one of scores of make-up artists (on hand throughout) to join the zombie army to hunt down your teammates!

In Short:

  • Be the hero of your own movie as you protect your loved one from zombie hordes
  • A great mental and physical work out. Do you have ALL the skills to beat the mega zombie apocalypse!?
  • Thrills and chills in sunny Spain
  • Good old-fashioned Catholic guilt guaranteed with no confession booth in sight.
Will Howell Cornes
Will Howell Cornes Author & Events Manager